Alterlab is a Virtual Reality production company and a laboratory for immersive technologies. We conceive experiences to see through the eyes of the other, to travel to unreachable places, to sail to artificial worlds. We make our own hardware and we program our own software tools. We prefer projects that are challenging both narratively and technically.


Sergio Bromberg


Physicist and creative-coder from Bogota. Sergio has a master degree in Information Technologies from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. His work lies in the border between art and science. Sergio has experience programming interactive environments involving music, computer vision, robotics, among others.


Irene Lema


Filmmaker and motion graphics designer with a Master of Arts in character animation from UAL (London). Irene has experience in documentary and animation projects for broadcasting, digital and multi-platform .


Rafael Ospino

360 Sound and Production .

Sound designer from National University of Colombia. Rafa has many years of experience in field recording and sound design for feature film, documentary and advertising projects in latin america and the US.



For brands

  • Audiovisual production
  • Product integration (HD and 360 Video + Social Media Marketing)
  • Virtual reality experiences for BTL advertising
  • Augmented reality applications

For colleagues

  • Branded Google Cardboard viewers
  • Design, fabrication and rental of camera rigs for live-action VR
  • Mobile applications for clients and portfolio
  • Real-time monitoring for 360 video shootings
  • Custom solutions for 360 shootings: Cable-cams, drones, stabilizers.

For other clientes

  • Simulation systems in virtual reality
  • Architectural visualization
  • Scientific visualization
  • Industrial training



In Immersive media, technological and narrative experimentation are deeply intertwined. The lab is, actually, the space we enjoy the most. Here, we describe some of our experiments.

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Google Cardboard viewers are the best way to distribute virtual reality applications and 360 videos massively. Our viewers can be branded or customized to fit your needs, at a very low cost.

Visor Google Cardboard - Google Cardboard Viewer


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